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Become famous—but not for your verbal tics.

On “How I Met Your Mother” the character Robin, anchor of an early-morning talk show, thinks her show is doing really well because a lot of people watch it, including students of her friend Ted.  In actuality…

College kids: “We watch it for the drinking game.  You have to drink every time she says But, um…

I never thought verbal tics and filler words could be the subject of sitcom tv, but they do a pretty good job with it.  Link to episode; start watching around the 9-minute mark. [Update: the link might no longer work.]

(My filler word is like but I’ve gotten better at using it less, thanks to the Ah-Counter at our toastmasters meetings pointing out how often I’m using it.)

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  1. Danielle
    February 2, 2010 at 3:28 pm

    N. Mike has pointed out that the use of the word “so” is often used at the beginning of people’s sentences as a filler or something of the sort (i.e.: “So I heard that…” He points it out everytime I use it as such. But, it is not just me. Now that I am more aware of it, I see it overused by pretty much everyone! So…something else to think of when formulating a sentence. 😉

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