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Wrapping up the Jeopardy! experience (with help from Twitter)

I want to use this post to make some closing remarks on the whole Jeopardy! contestant experience, because the response I’ve received, from a wide spectrum of folks starting with friends and old classmates all the way to Jeopardy! fans on Twitter, has been TREMENDOUS. After my own thoughts, I’ll showcase some of the comments that made me laugh, smile, and/or cringe…

First, I am amazed how many people watch the show and still remember me! Even before it finished airing, I started getting messages from people I hadn’t talked to in years: “Saad, is that you on there?” I know I would be pretty surprised and excited if I saw an old acquaintance on TV, too!

For me, the most meaningful aspect of appearing on the show has been sharing this experience with the people I know. (Yes, this assessment takes into consideration the prize money, too.) Many of you wrote to me that you were watching with your families or other friends, and had those folks cheering for someone who’s a complete stranger to them. First, it’s awesome that you did this. Second, it makes me especially glad that I won, because while it’s cool to have a friend on TV, the excitement from that alone dissipates fairly quickly… you want something to high-five and holler about at the end!

Again, super-thanks to everyone who watched and cheered for me last week. I’ve learned some of you are huge fans of the show, and I appreciate the commentary on my appearance. Now, I leave you with actual posts from Twitter users. (Note: these posts are presented without editing or censoring, and keep in mind, too, that some people truly do say the first thing that comes to mind.)

First impressions…

@gameandpc  This dude on Jeopardy is about to get pwned, he’s up against a nanotechnologist and a credit underwriter

Before going on the show, a few of us discussed how my stated occupation could be used to intimidate the competition. hehe.

…with a helping of ethnic stereotyping

@TheresMaiChippy  why is there always an indian person on jeopardy?

@Anand_Savani  Watching #Jeopardy and there’s an indian contestant. My roommate: “Well, I guess we know who you’re rooting for.” Nice.

@jorgemachaen  Watching #jeopardy u already know the Indian looking Guy is #taking this

@DonaldFladjr  This guy on Jeopardy has elf ears. Which works with his face and his really nerdyness – not the waspy guy – the South Asian guy

Okay, the last comment just veered into weirdness but to his credit @DonaldFladjr recognizes that not all brown people originated from India!

On the game itself…

@BiffSavage  I get so mad in #jeopardy when the contestants leave answers on the board when the round ends. Slow fuckers

@LesterPants  This fucker on jeopardy takes forever to pick categories. Methinks it’s a shrewd strategy… #wellplayedsaad (his name’s Saad)

I got my own hashtag!!!

…there’s color commentary, and then there’s this person, wow

This Twitter user assigned nickames to the contestants and just ran with it!

@nahmanstopit  Can I just say I don’t like this Aaron guy on Jeopardy today #snarky

I’m glad Barbara is waxing his ass. Go. Babs. #Jeopardy

The other dude Saad is cool, but he probably shouldn’t even be on the show. He’s a damn nano-technologist. That’s cheatin.

What I say? Saad is now winning. Brain v. Pinky and Snarky. #jeopardy

Now Snarky is winning, dammit

Okay. 15k Snarky, 14k Brain, 9k Babs. Still up for grabs. Still don’t like Aaron he’s gotten worse. #jeopardy

SAAD wins!!! Down goes Snarky!! Down goes Snarky!!! #jeopardy

I think it’s unfortunate that Aaron got ragged on like this, because I thought he was a decent guy when we were hanging out at the studio. Well, consider it a lesson: saying “lobshtah” for “lobster” on national TV doesn’t win you many friends.

On the winning moment…

@mynameisreyrey  Lmaoooo at that nigga’s face when he won Jeopardy!! Like he didn’t expect to win AT ALL. Have some more confidence

@ashmunki  tonight’s #jeopardy winner is from nashville! he’s a young bro named saad hasan and made THE CUTEST face when he won! #cashville #reprazent

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  1. abram
    July 19, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Dude. Best post yet.

    • saad a. hasan
      July 28, 2010 at 3:58 am

      thanks! (also, for explaining why in our chat)

  2. Tripoli
    July 27, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    This is better than PowerPoint!

    • saad a. hasan
      July 28, 2010 at 4:03 am

      thanks… but tough audience, no? what can i write about that lives up to the bar set by these jeopardy posts?

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