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The 50 States – Updated December 2011

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How many have you visited? Passing through a state doesn’t count for this list.

My total as of 18 Dec 2011: 26 states + Washington, D.C.

List of States

Alabama – fall 2005 to see the Gators vs. Alabama (Urban Meyer’s first year, the spread offense gets crushed, as do Tyrone Prothro’s lower leg bones)


Arizona – spring 2008 for a conference in Phoenix


California – first couple times were to San Diego in 2007; later, L.A. in 2010

Colorado – visited friends in Boulder, spring 2010, with a side trip to Casa Bonita in Denver, which is a real Mexican restaurant, not something South Park invented



(D.C.) – countless times, most recently spring 2010

Florida – home

Georgia – more trips to Atlanta than I can remember



Illinois – finally (2013) actually visited the city of Chicago. Not just its airports.

Indiana – saw the Gators win the NCAA Final Four championship in Indianapolis in 2006; visited a friend to watch a Purdue football game in 2008




Louisiana – New Orleans, most recently at Xmas 2008


Maryland – 4 years at Johns Hopkins

Massachusetts – went to a conference in Boston, fall 2010

Michigan – visited a friend at UM law school, fall 2011






Nevada – finally visited Las Vegas, summer 2011

New Hampshire

New Jersey – saw a lacrosse game at Princeton in 2005; visited friends in 2009

New Mexico – lived in Albuquerque for 5 months while doing an internship at Sandia National Lab 

New York – practically grew up here when in the U.S.; saw Niagara Falls during high school; periodic trips to NYC as an adult

North Carolina

North Dakota

Ohio – went to IKEA store in Cincinnati, 2009

Oklahoma – visited a dear friend/mentor who lives near Tulsa


Pennsylvania – first time was a certain infamous trip to Bethlehem, in 2004; visited Pittsburgh in 2009, got a job at Pitt in 2011

Rhode Island – saw a couple friends in Providence, 2006

South Carolina – academic team competition in high school

South Dakota

Tennessee – 5 years of grad school at Vanderbilt

Texas – born in Houston; visited Dallas in 2008 for my Jeopardy! audition



Virginia – taught a SAT course in Fairfax, sophomore year of college

Washington – visited a friend in Seattle, spring 2010

West Virginia – visited a Hopkins classmate who attends WVU med school, Dec. 2011



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  1. November 21, 2011 at 8:49 am

    First, I love that map!!! Where can I get one? It would take me 50+ years to make one myself.
    You seem very well traveled. I really need to visit more states. I would love to go to Helena, Montana and mine Sapphires. Thus far I’ve been to:
    Connecticut, Deleware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey (Home State!), New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia.
    Many more still on the to-do list …

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